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State Fair of Virginia Complex - Meadow Event Park

SOLD: $5,671,000! Fortis had the unique ability to sell all real estate, personal and intellectual property of the State Fair of Virginia / Meadow Event park Sold: 331+/- acres, including Exhibit hall, Expo Center, Manor House, Residential Buildings, Equestrian facility and RV Park. Also included vehicles, trailers, maintenance, office & food service equipment, furniture, antiques and more.

Real estate, intellectual and personal property. Real estate consisted of 331± acres and all structures existing on the property including a 76,000± SF Exhibit Hall, 12,850± SF Manor House, and 24,000± SF Equestrian Facility. Intellectual property included the State Fair of Virginia trademark along with website domain names associated with the fair. Personal property included generators, restaurant equipment, trailers and ticket booths.