A revolutionary way to manage the sale of foreclosed properties.

Better for Your Business. Better for Your Customer.

Headquartered in Richmond, VA, Fortis focuses on a systematic and compliance-driven approach throughout the foreclosure process. In addition to foreclosure services and by partnering with Fortis counsel Roy M. Terry JR., Fortis can act as a Receiver, send Breach Letters, and help provide solutions for all of your real estate needs. Accessing more than 50 years of experience in asset disposition, Fortis has an unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of our customers and delivering the highest level of performance.  

What is the Fortis’ revolutionary way of handling foreclosures? It’s easy. We are a one-stop foreclosure services company that handles every aspect of the transaction.

This means we:

  • Conduct a Comparable Market Analysis to help you confidently set the reservice price of the property
  • Take care of all of the legal compliance
  • Execute an aggressive marketing campaign to bring buyers to the auction
  • Qualify the buyers in advance of the sale
  • Hold the auction
  • Close on the property

What do you do?
You rest assured your matters are being handled with the utmost professionalism.

We serve banks, thrifts, S&Ls and private investors. We work with note-holders to streamline the foreclosure process and maximize the value of the asset. We have conducted hundreds of foreclosure sales with the singular goal of maximizing the financial outcome for our clients.

We can handle any type of foreclosure, including:


Through our national and global franchise with SVN, we can handle any territory.

Let Fortis work with your foreclosure and special asset teams to review high-risk properties and develop a resolution strategy that puts your bank on the path to certainty.