A Foreclosure Services Company


How is Fortis different?    

We provide complete in-house legal, marketing & auction services and 

90% of our foreclosures are SOLD to third parties at the Trustee Sale - at or above the lender’s reserve! 


Our company utilizes over 50 years of experience in all areas of asset disposition. With the trusted Motleys Legal Team providing fully compliant legal services and Motleys Real Estate Team conducting a widespread marketing campaign, Fortis provides services that have proven to limit the growth of OREO assets.

At the source, Fortis assists our clients in avoiding operational distractions and expenses.

The Fortis difference gives you more control and the outcome you require.

  • Commercial & Residential Specialist

  • Rigorous Compliance & Rapid Transactions

  • Retained Values & Reduced Exposure & Risk

  • Noteholder sets the reserve price

  • ZERO commission charged to the note holder


Assets should perform to their highest potential. Why not allow Fortis to show you our revolutionary way to manage the sale of foreclosed properties?

Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying!

My bank chose Fortis to foreclose on my home, and I’m glad they did..I appreciate the efforts Fortis made to make sure my home was foreclosed on in a way that was fair to both me and the bank. I wish that all banks could be forced to use a service like this, that considers the person and not just the banks bottom line.  

- James Parrott, Owner of foreclosed home


The Fortis Process from Fortis Trustees on Vimeo.

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